1. REPRESENTATIONS OF THE PARTIES a) For the Applicant U L. ABONYI b) For the Defendant Maitre Papa Moussa Felix Sow 2. PROCEDURE By application dated July 10th, 2017, and registered on October 27th, 2017, SUNDAY CHARLES UGWUABA, a Community citizen with Nigerian nationality, ordinarily resident in The Gambia, brought the present action before the ECOWAS Court of Justice against the STATE OF SENEGAL, for violation of the applicant's human rights to free movement of persons, goods and services, guaranteed by the combined effects of Articles 1, 2, 4 and 12 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights, the Article 3 (2) (d) (iii), Article 4 (g), Article 45 (2), and Article 46 of the ECOWAS Revised Treaty, Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 2 (2) and Article 27 of the Protocol on Free Movement of Persons, Right of Residence and Establishment and the Mini Summit of Heads of State and Government on the Creation of a Borderless ECOWAS, Abuja, 2000. (document 1) The Defendant State, SENEGAL, regularly cited, on October 21, 2017, came by an application dated November 22, 2017 and registered with the Registry of this Court on November 27, 2017, to present its defense. (document 2) The applicant, duly notified of the presentation of the defense, on November 29, 2017, presented his reply by an application dated January 29, 2018, registered with the Registry of this Court on the same date. (document 3) Furthermore, by an application dated 28 March 2018, the applicant made a request for an extension of the deadline to offer his response, having submitted it at the same time and also offered as evidence the oral testimony of the applicant and the visualization of a video clip that he attached. (document 4) 2

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