IN THE COMMUNITY COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE ECONOMIC COJ\1l\1UNITY OF '\VEST AFRICAN STATES (ECOWAS) HOLDEN AT ABUJA JUDGMENT DELIVERED ON 10TH JUNE, 2014 SUIT N°ECW/CCJ/APP/10/10 JUDGMENT N°ECW/CCJ/JUD/16/14 BET\VEEN: THE REGISTERED TRUSTEES OF THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC RIGHTS & ACCOUNTABILITY PROJECT (SERAP) & 10 ORS PLAINTIFFS AND THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA 5--'.,\.Y_,..,.., &4 ORS ;_ !; -p ·;1 :",..r' j DEFENDANTS BEFORE THEIR LORDSHIPS Hon. Justice Benfeito M. Ramos Presiding Ron. Justice Clotilde N. Medegan Member Hon. Justice Eliam M. Potey Member Assisted by: Mr. Tony Anene-Maidoh Chief Registrar Representations: 1. A. A. Mumuni with Olatigbe Olakitan & Shola Egbeyinka for the Plaintiffs. 2. Mr. R.N. Godwins Solicitor-General, River State with 0. Gbasam Esq. f or the 3rd , 4 th & 5 th Defendants.

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