from 30 October 2007, her husband was prevented from enjoying ownership of the land as a result of a number of incidents. 7. The Complainant avers that between 30 October and 20 November 2007, several acts were committed by law enforcement officers, land tenure officers and private individuals with the aim of making her husband to leave the land which they claimed belonged to the Government. Such acts include sudden visits to the land, destruction of property and installations, assault and death threats. In some cases, the perpetrators of these acts claimed to be acting on the orders of Mr Ambroise MBAGOFA, a rich businessman, who claim to have a land certificate over the land including the plot bought by the Complainant’s husband. 8. The Complainant avers that on 19 November 2007, as her husband was heading to the police station to file a complaint, he was stopped by a uniformed police officer who pointed his service weapon at him and asked him to take off his glasses and raise his hands. The officer then sprayed his face with tear gas and ordered him never to return to the plot of land. 9. The Complainant contends that on 19 November 2007, her husband went to the Land Registry where he was received by the Land Registrar to whom he mentioned the difficulties he had been facing, and that the latter confirmed that the land certificate had been duly obtained and was not subject to any opposition. She maintains that the Land Registrar informed her husband that land certificate no. 25641 belonging to Mr MBAGOFA contained some inconsistencies, especially relating to the boundaries, and that the said land certificate had been suspended by the Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court of Cameroon by Ordinance No. 61/OSE/PCA/CS/98-99 of 29 June 1999; that the Government of Cameroon by a request dated 6 April 2001 had also requested the Administrative Chamber to annul the same land certificate on grounds of fraud. She avers that the Registrar gave her husband copies of the Ordinance and the annulment request made by the Government of Cameroon which are included in the Communication file. 10. The Complainant avers that as a result of the assault committed by the police officer, her husband suffered excruciating pain that made him drop his glasses which broke when he accidentally stepped on them. He fell into a ditch, injured his mouth and his hip; and his eyes irritated and he had difficulty breathing. She further avers that in spite of his condition, he managed to go to the Yaoundé Central Police Station on two occasions to lodge a complaint, but was unable to do so since there was no officer on duty. After an hour of fruitless waiting, her husband had to leave the police station because he had to quickly find a seat on a flight back to Paris, fearing for his 2

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