CCPR UNITED NATIONS International covenant on civil and political rights Distr. RESTRICTED* CCPR/C/86/D/1159/2003 11 April 2006 ENGLISH Original: FRENCH HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE Eighty-sixth session 13-31 March 2006 VIEWS Communication No. 1159/2003 Submitted by: Mariam Sankara et al. (represented by counsel) Alleged victims: Mariam, Philippe, Auguste and Thomas Sankara State party: Burkina Faso Date of communication: 15 October 2002 (initial submission) Document references: Special Rapporteur’s rule 91 decision, transmitted to the State party on 6 February 2003 (not issued in document form) CCPR/C/80/D/1159/2003, decision on admissibility dated 9 March 2004 Date of adoption of Views: 28 March 2006 Subject matter: Failure to conduct a public inquiry or legal proceedings following the assassination; denial of justice based on political opinions Procedural issues: Request for re-examination of the admissibility decision of 9 March 2004 * Made public by decision of the Human Rights Committee. GE.06-41304 (E) 260406 030506

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