funds and issued a new remand warrant. He avers that as a result of this warrant, his detention was extended to 30 March 2011 whereas the statutory detention period was due to expire on 6 February 2010, in accordance with the Cameroonian criminal law which provides for a maximum pre-trial detention period of eighteen (18) months. At the Complainant’s request, the Investigation Chamber of the Court of Appeal quashed the sixth charge and issued an order on 3 December 2009 for further investigation. 6. On 18 December 2009, the examining magistrate again indicted the Complainant and issued a new remand warrant for misappropriation of funds allocated for the purchase of a presidential plane. The Complainant contends that this new indictment was for the same facts on which the Investigation Chamber’s annulment ruling had been made. 7. A petition for the annulment of the new indictment was dismissed by the examining magistrate whose decision was upheld by the Investigation Chamber. The Complainant contends that as a result of the new indictment, his detention was extended to 18 June 2011 whereas the statutory maximum detention period should have expired on 6 February 2010. 8. On 11 January 2010, the examining magistrate ordered the separation of the proceedings arising from the indictment of 6 August 2008 and ordered a partial referral on 3 February 2010. The Complainant was notified of the decisions on 5 February 2010, the date of expiry of the statutory maximum pre-trial detention period of eighteen (18) months. The orders were due to the fact that the investigation of some of the charges had been completed, while for the other charges they were still ongoing given that all the suspects had not been identified, interrogated or that the charges were yet to be clarified. 2

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