ECW/CCJ/JUD/01/09 Djot Bayi & 14 Others v. Nigeria & 4 Others In the Community Court of Justice of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Holden at Abuja, Nigeria On the 28th of January, 2009 Plaintiffs 1. Djot Bayi Talbia 2. Makomillan Tanoe 3. Boubou Diallo 4. Inza Cisse 5. Debo Jeremmie 6. Mobio Etienne 7. Akaicpo Antoine 8. Fall Abdou 9. Latte Serge Alfred 10. Sawadogo Pierre 11. Vanie Pascal 12. Coullibally Hamed 13. Kpillimaka Nikabou 14. Vlavonou Zannou and 15. Koi Joachim v. Federal Republic of Nigeria Attorney General of the Federation (on his own behalf and as representative of the federal government of Nigeria) 1. Chief of Naval Staff 2. Inspector General of Police and 3. Comptroller General of Prisons - Defendants Composition of the Court Hon. Justice Hansine N. Donli - Presiding Hon. Justice Awa Daboya Nana - Member Hon. Justice El Mansour Tall - Member Assisted by: Tony Anene-Maidoh - Chief Registrar Counsel to the Parties 1

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