APPLICATION 006/2012 AFRICAN COMMISSION ON HUMAN AND PEOPLES’ RIGHTS V. THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA SUMMARY OF THE FACTS 1. The Application is in respect of the Ogiek of the Mau Forest. It alleges that the Ogiek are an indigenous minority ethnic group in Kenya comprising of about 20,000 members, about 15,000 of whom inhabit the greater Mau Forest complex, a land mass of about 400,000 hectares straddling about seven administrative districts. According to the Applicant, in October 2009, through the Kenya Forestry Service, the Kenyan Government issued a thirty (30) days eviction notice to the Ogiek and other settlers of the Mau Forest, demanding that they move out of the forest on the grounds that the forest constituted a reserved water catchment zone, and was in any event part and parcel of government land under Section 4 of the Government’s Land Act. According to the Applicants, the Government contends that this decision is informed by the State’s attempt to conserve the forest which is a water catchment area. 2. The Application further contends that the decision of the Kenyan Government will have far reaching implications on the political, social and economic survival of the Ogiek Community. Complaint 3. The Applicant alleges violation of Articles 1, 2, 4, and 17 (2) and (3) of the Charter. The Applicant Prayers

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