African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights Application 004/2015 In the Matter of Andrew Ambrose Cheusi Vv United Republic of Tanzania Separate Opinion appended to the Judgment of 26/06/2020 ! concur the view of the majority of the judges as to the admissibility of the application, the jurisdiction of the Court and the operative part on certain points. On the other hand, | believe that the manner in which the Court has: (1) dealt with the objection raised by the Respondent State as to the filing of the application within a reasonable time, (2) concluded in the same paragraph on the two cases which are the subject of the Applicant's allegations (3) dismissed the claim for reparations in respect of the material damage and the damage concerning the indirect victims alleged by the Applicant. Is inconsistent with the provisions of Article 56 of the Charter, Article 6(2) of the Protocol and Rules 39 and 40 of the Rules of Court as regards the first point, the legal logic that would require this period to be calculated for each Court and Article 61 as regards the last. application before the

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