AFRICAN UNION aa ala (2) Q AFRICAN COURT ON HUMAN UNION AFRICAINE 4 UNIAO AFRICANA AND PEOPLES’ RIGHTS COUR AFRICAINE DES DROITS DE L’HOMME ET DES PEUPLES IN THE MATTER OF INGABIRE VICTOIRE UMUHOZA V. REPUBLIC OF RWANDA (APPLICATION 003/2014) CORRIGENDUM TO RULING CONSIDERING the Ruling delivered by the Court on 3 June, 2016; CONSIDERING the need for further clarification of the title of the Ruling as well as the position of the Court with regard to paragraph 54; THEREFORE, corrigendum: ON THE BASIS OF THE FOREGOING, the Court makes the following The title of the Ruling should read “Ruling on the Effects of the Withdrawal of the declaration under Article 34(6) of the Protocol’; Paragraph 54 should read: “Regarding the applicability of the Vienna Convention in the instant matter, the Court notes that while the declaration pursuant icle 34(6)

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