Nixon Nyikadzino v Zimbabwe 5. The Complainant claims that the Victim was forced to eat a lit cigarette and was hit with an empty bottle and asked the whereabouts of the cigarette. The Complainant also alleges that the Victim was asked to kiss his own penis and was subjected to further assault when he told them that it was physically impossible. When the Victim soiled his pants as the result of the assault and torture, the Complainant claims, the assailants forced him to lick his own urine. 6. The Complainant claims that the Victim was thrown out of the vehicle and that the assailants followed him and urinated on him. The Complainant submits that the urine was stinking and itching the Victim's body. The Complainant alleges that the assailants advised the Victim that he would be thrown in Mazoe Dam and that he should say his last prayers, as he was about to die. According to the Complainant, the Victim was forced to say the prayers for his assailants, which the Complainant submits was dehumanizing and degrading. 7. The Complainant alleges that after the prayers, the Victim was directed to have sexual intercourse with the female assailant, and when he refused, he was subjected to further assaults. The Complainant avers that the Victim suffered excruciating pain, became dizzy and lost consciousness. The Complainant further avers that when the Victim regained consciousness, he realized that he was about 47 kilometers from Harare from where he had been kidnapped. The Complainant alleges that the assailants took away the Victim's three mobile phones and cash amounting to ZWD $ 10 million. 8. The Complainant submits that before leaving, the assailants warned the Victim not to ever get involved in governance and human rights issues and in particular not to be involved with the business of NCA and that if he did, he would face unspecified action. The Complainant also submits that the assailants warned the Victim that they will keep surveillance on him, as they were now aware of his residential address after which they made a U-turn and sped-off. 21Page 11 th Extraordinary Session of the ACHPR

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