Communication 340/07 - Nixon Nyikadzino (represented by Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum) v. Zimbabwe Rapporteur: Summary of the Complaint: 1. The Secretariat of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (the Secretariat) received a Complaint on 8 May 2007 from Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Complainant) on behalf of Mr. Nixon Nyikadzino (the Victim) against the Republic of Zimbabwe (the Respondent State)1. 2. The Complainant submits that on 14 April 2006 on or about 19:00 hrs at Takunda Butchery in Glen Norah B (a residential suburb in Harare, Zimbabwe) the Victim was approached and forcibly pushed into a van by one Major Kembo (who is believed to be a member of the Military Intelligence in the Zimbabwe Defense Force), Mr. Makwande, and Ms Angie of Carrbritte Army Camp. The Complainant alleges that after the assailants forced him into the van, they drove away to an unknown destination. 3. The Complainant claims that while in the vehicle the Victim was interrogated on his involvement with the work of a non-governmental organization, the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), and why he was drinking beer in the company of an army officer. The Complainant alleges that, according to the kidnappers the Victim was attempting to recruit one Mr Learnmore Kodzi, who is supposedly the Victim's cousin, into engaging in clandestine and illicit activities to unlawfully change the Government. 4. The Complainant further alleges that while the Victim was being interrogated, he was subjected to torture as he was assaulted with clenched fists, booted feet and empty bottles. The Complainant also alleges that Ms Angie kept on kissing the Victim while the men assaulted him and that she opened the zipper of his trousers and fondled his penis while the other men plucked his dreadlocks until all his locks were pulled-off his head. Zimbabwe ratified the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights on 30May1986.

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