or6l2-otT 2L os l&o11 .j M' d0s$ifb o53 Ooo5u t-oo Dexter Eddie John son v. Ghana Application No. 016/2017 Dissenting Opinion Judge Blaise Tchikaya Introduction L An exception to non bis in idem was possible \ A. A literal and inappropriate interpretation of "non bis in idem" B. The known exceptions lo non bis in idem should have applied ll. The decision taken is a setback for human rights development A. Lost opportunity of expected control B. The Dexter case has peculiarities which are not found in the Jean-Claude Roger Gombeft case of 2018. 1. I beg to disagree with the Court's decision of 29 March 2019, as well as the rationes decidendi in Dexter Eddie Johnson v. Ghana. I would have added my vote to the majority opinion, but the arguments in support thereof seem to be insufficient. The reasons for this dissenting opinion are stated below: 2. My dissent focusses on the outcome of the Court's line of reasoning as a whole and on its findings in the operative part. Moreover, as sufficiently shown by the Court, it pays particular attention to matters concerning the protection of the essential aspects of human rights, particularly the integrity of persons and the right to life; Eddie Johnson afforded us that opportunity. 3. I regret to disagree with the majority here; yet my dissent reflects my commitment to the protection of the rights in question. My desire to formally record this inevitable sentiment, born out of compelling respect for human rights in accordance with continental legal instruments, is thus aroused. As noted by the

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