AFRICAN UNION Afnc:m Commttteo ot Expcns on the RJJhts .:md Wc/f:Jre of the Chtld (ACERWC) UNION AFRICAINE Comtt Afflc<:Jm d Experts sur /cs Drotts cr /e Bten-..,trc de I'Enf.Jnt fCAEDBE) :An Al'ric,? Ftr /'or Children· UNI.A.O AFRICA NA P. 0. Box 3243 Roosevel t Street (Old Airport A rea), W2JJ<J.9, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Telephone: (+ 25J. 1) 5513522 I nterne t: h ttp:l/acerwc.oro Fax: (+ 251J.) 553 5716 DECISION ON THE COMMUNICATION SUBMITTED BY THE AFRICAN CENTRE OF JUSTICE AND PEACE STUDIES (ACJPS) AND PEOPLE'S LEGAL AID CENTRE (PLACE) AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT OF REPUBLIC OF SUDANTHE AFRICAN COMMITTEE OF EXPERTS ON THE RIGHTS AND WELFARE OF THE CHILD (ACERWC) COMMUNICATION NQ: 005/Com/001/2015 DECISION NQ: 002/2018 This document is originally written in English 1

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