w Judgment Ally Rajabu and Others v. Tanzania 00"1 20tS 18 \\l \ tote (oor 3 +q-Oor<s€)Bs Application No. 0OZ 12015 Separate Opinion By Judge Blaise Tchikaya !ntroduction l. The emptiness of the distinction between the death penalty and the socalled compulso ry senfence A. A single legal regime is applicable B. A relative and insufficient distinction between the two kinds of death senfences ll. A still limited reading of Article 4 of the African Chafter A. The almost total impetus against the death penalty in Africa should be reflected in the protection of human rights. B. Article 4 of the African Chafter allows total invalidation of the death penalty. Conclusion lntroduction 1. Like my Honourable colleagues, I have generally adopted the operative part of the judgment, Ally Rajabu and others v. United Republic of Tanzania, {::'' ,!,: t

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