Communication 592/15 - Hesham Hamid Elshenna (represented by Prof. Mostafa Metwaly) v Arab Republic of Egypt Summary of the Complaint 1. The Secretariat of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the Secretariat) received a Complaint on 15 December 2015 from Prof. Mostafa Metwaly (the Complainant) on behalf of Mr. Hesham Hamid Hamia Elshenna (the Victim) against the Arab Republic of Egy, : represent the Victim in the case. subsequently assumed», Egyptians through killing, enforced of prisoners” C inmates, including violating the ntion. He further avers that the pe 5. More speci cally, the Complainant alleges that the family of the Victim is one of several families that suffered at the hands of the Authorities after the coup. He avers that the Victim is an Egyptian national born in 1973 in Dakhalia City, Egypt, and is married with four sons. 6. The Complainant alleges that the Authorities fabricated charges against the Victim which led to his subsequent arrest on 23 January 2015 even though he had committed no offence.

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