AFRICAN UNION UNION AFRICAINE ��, .,�--i, UNIAO AFRICANA Afric011 Commi.niOII on l/uman & Peoples' Rights 31 Bij1/o Annex Layout, ® Kombo North Distnct, Commission Afnc8ine des Droits de /'Homme & des Peuples Western Region, P. 0. Bo>< 673, Banjul. Th9Gambia Tel: (220) 4410505/ 441050ti; Fax: (220) 4410504 E-mail: au-baniu'"" -mca-••nion.or"· Web www.achor ora Communication 603/16 Mrs. Ayatulla Alaa Hosny (represented by Dalia Lotty) v. Arab Republic of Egypt Adopted by the African Commission on Human ond Peoples' Rights during the 1� Extra-Ordinary Se&slon, from the 30 July to 8 August 1018 Banjul, The Gambia d�+ ��\ c;;;.;;;.;;;;;�&,;.�···· .. ·······'... Chairpenon of the Aftican Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights � ) ' . ,.,.u, . ···:·Mary�· . Secmmy to the Aftican Connnisaion on Human and Peoples' Rights

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