1. The Secretariat of the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (the Committee/ACERWC) received a communication dated 22 April 2016 pursuant to Article 44(1) of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (the Charter/ACRWC). The Communication is submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Elogo Menye and Rev. Daniel Ezo’o Ayo (the Complainants). According to Section IX (2) (i) of the Revised Guidelines on Consideration of Communications by the ACERWC (the Revised Communication Guidelines), the Committee transmitted a copy of the Communication to the respondent State Party. Upon receipt of the Communication, the State Party should have submitted its response within 60 days from the date of the request from the Secretariat. As the Committee did not receive a response from the Government, it decided to proceed considering the admissibility of the Communication without the response from the Respondent State. II. Summary of Alleged Facts 2. The complainants allege that Elisabeth Gloria aged 4 and Jacques Le Juste aged 6 died on November 2012 at the Catholic hospital Notre Dame de l’Amour of Logpom in Douala, Cameroon. It is further alleged that the children lost their lives at the hospital because the person in duty was not a doctor and could not diagnose febrile gastroenteritis. The complainants allege that the fact that the children died of the reason stated above has been confirmed by the autopsy report conducted on 8 January 2013. 3. The complainants allege that the hospital refused to issue documents ascertaining the state of health of the children when they were admitted to the hospital or death certificate. Furthermore it is alleged that the hospital falsely stated that the children arrived at the hospital dead, after being ritually tortured by their parents who are members of a sect. 4. The complainants allege that after the death of the children, their corpses were sexually defiled as coitus was performed on the remains of Elizabeth Gloria and the remains of Jacques Le Juste was sodomized. These acts were allegedly undertaken as rites of worship that provide access to immeasurable degrees of power. 5. The complainants, taking the facts into consideration, claim the Republic of Cameroon is in violation of Articles 14 (Health and Health Services) and 16 (Protection Against Child Abuse and Torture) of the Charter by virtue of the sexual acts performed on the bodies of the children after they lost their lives. III. The African Committee’s Analysis on the Decision of Admissibility 2

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