Luxembourg: Librairie Promoculture (14, rue Duchscher (place de Paris), B.P. 1142, L-1011 Luxembourg-Gare) The Netherlands: B.V. Juridische Boekhandel & Antiquariaat A. Jongbloed & Zoon (Noordeinde 39, NL-2514 GC ’s-Gravenhage) SUMMARY1 Judgment delivered by a Chamber Bulgaria – alleged ill-treatment by police and pre-trial detention (Code of Civil Procedure, Article 182(d), Code of Criminal Procedure) I. EVENTS OF AND FOLLOWING 19 SEPTEMBER 1992 A. Preliminary objections 1. Alleged non-exhaustion of domestic remedies Having exhausted all available remedies within criminal justice system without obtaining prosecution of police officers alleged to have ill-treated him, applicant not required to attempt to obtain redress by bringing civil action for damages. Conclusion: objection dismissed (unanimously). 2. Alleged abuse of process No evidence of abuse of right of petition. Conclusion: objection dismissed (unanimously). B. Merits 1. Article 3 of the Convention (a) Alleged ill-treatment by police Impossible to establish on basis of available evidence whether or not applicant’s injuries caused by police as alleged. Conclusion: no violation based on allegation of ill-treatment by police (eight votes to one). (b) Adequacy of investigation Where individual raises arguable claim to have been ill-treated in breach of Article 3, that provision read in conjunction with Article 1 requires by implication that there should be an effective official investigation.

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