UNION AFRICAlNE AFRlCAN UNION African Committee of Experts on the Rig11ts and Welfare of the Child (ACERWC) Comite Africain· .d'Experts sur /es Dro.fts ·et Je Blen etre de J'Errtant (CAEDBEJ UNIA.O AFRICANA /'In Africa Fit for Children· P.0.Box3243 Roosevelt Street (Old Airport Area}, WnK:L9, Addis Ab<lba,Ethiopia Tetephone: (+ 2 :1.) 55:1.3522 Internet:http:lfac.er:wc.org Fax: (+ 251 :1.)55357:1:6 THE AFRICAN COMMITTEE OF EXPERTS ON THE RIGHTS AND WELFARE OF THE CHILD (ACERWC) Ruling on Admissibility · Communication N: 009/Com/001/201 Decision on Admissibility N :002/2017 AUTHOR: Ahmed Bassiouny represented by advocate Dalia Lotfy and Amal AGAINST: Government of Arab Republic of Egypt 1

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