JUDGMENT This is the judgment of the Court and Parties were both heard in the open Court. PARTIES 1. The Applicant is Dexter Oil Limited, a company duly incorporated under the Laws of the Republic of Liberia with its registered address as 1st Floor, Milton & Richards Bldg., 152 Carey Street, Monrovia, Liberia. The shareholders and Directors are Community citizens of Nigerian Nationality. 2. Respondent is the Republic of Liberia, a member State of ECOWAS and a signatory to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and other International Human Rights instruments. Summary of Facts 3. The Applicant by an originating process lodged with the Registry on the 28th June, 2017 applied for the enforcement of its Human Rights to own property valued as Three Million United States Dollars (USD 3,000,000.00) allegedly violated by the Respondent. Applicant complains about the unjustifiable detention of its property by the Respondent on the allegation of “suspicious transaction” of lodgement of money in its bank accounts. 4. Applicant alleges refusal and or neglect of the Respondent to release the said sum of money despite repeated demands, thereby constituting a violation of its right to possession and enjoyment of property, guaranteed by Article 14 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Article 4(g) of Revised Treaty of ECOWAS domesticated by the Respondent and the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia. 5. Respondent claims contrary to Applicant’s averment that, the Applicant after its registration did not carry out a single business activity in Liberia. Instead, Dexter Oil Limited came to Liberia with the sole purpose of establishing two shell companies, which they eventually used as vehicles to launder money from the Republic of Nigeria through bank accounts established at the First International Bank Liberia Limited. 2

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