RUDYAK v. UKRAINE JUDGMENT 1 In the case of Rudyak v. Ukraine, The European Court of Human Rights (Fifth Section), sitting as a Chamber composed of: Mark Villiger, President, Angelika Nußberger, Ann Power-Forde, Vincent A. De Gaetano, André Potocki, Helena Jäderblom, judges, Myroslava Antonovych, ad hoc judge, and Claudia Westerdiek, Section Registrar, Having deliberated in private on 24 June 2014, Delivers the following judgment, which was adopted on that date: PROCEDURE 1. The case originated in an application (no. 40514/06) against Ukraine lodged with the Court under Article 34 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (“the Convention”) by a Ukrainian national, Mr Igor Mikhaylovich Rudyak (“the applicant”), on 26 September 2006. 2. The applicant, who had been granted legal aid, was represented by Mr Ye. Gryn, a lawyer practising in the town of Gadyach, Ukraine. The Ukrainian Government (“the Government”) were represented by their Agent, most recently, Ms Nataly Sevostianova, of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. 3. The applicant alleged, in particular, that he had been ill-treated by the police in 2005, that the subsequent investigation into these events had been ineffective and that he had not been provided with adequate medical assistance while in pre-trial detention. 4. On 18 March 2011 the application was communicated to the Government. Mrs G. Yudkivska, the judge elected in respect of Ukraine, was unable to sit in the case (Rule 28 of the Rules of Court). The President of the Chamber decided to appoint Ms Myroslava Antonovych to sit as an ad hoc judge (Rule 29 § 1(b)).

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