Communication 374/08- Morin Family (Represented by Small Island Institute) v. Seychelles Summary of Facts 1. The Complaint was received by the Secretariat of the Commission on 17 April 2009, by Small Island Institute ( the Complainant) on behalf of Mr. Cherubin Morin and his Son Mr. Jean-Pierre Morin ( the Morin Family), against the government of the Republic of Seychelles. 2. The Complainant allege that the Morin Family have been the target of government persecution and intimidation as a result of which an Enforcement Notice was issued on the order of a certain Minister Morgan, to demolish their pig and poultry farm, notwithstanding: (i) (ii) that their farms have been confirmed by relevant authorities as meeting all environmental, health and safety requirements; and the provision of the law that the planning permission which they are accused of not having may be issued to them retroactively if they satisfy all requisite requirements. 3. The Complainant further alleges that the Morin Family have unsuccessfully appealed against the Enforcement Notice and that the judge who sentenced Mr. Morin to two years imprisonment for punching a man who threatened his son and also heard the case of the compulsory acquisition of his property in Market Street is the same judge who decided to hear the Planning Authority case against the Morin family, denying the application of the Morin’s lawyer that it should be passed to another judge, because of the two previous cases which were heard by him. 4. The Complainant avers that the Morin family have reached the end of the legal process and is faced with the possibility of seeing their lifelong hard investment reduced to rubble. 5. The Complainant further avers that the farm is an important part of national food production and its demolition would cause serious consequences not only to the Morins but to the Seychellois people. Procedure

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