Complainant or his family and friends about the reason for his apprehension or indeed his whereabouts. The flight took a few several hours. Upon landing, the Complainant was quickly pushed into a motor vehicle and driven for about half an hour to a detention facility where he was kept in isolation for two weeks. 6. During the second week he was interrogated about three times concerning terrorist-related activities. The interrogations centred on his relationship with certain terrorist suspects, and Al-Haramain, an Islamic Foundation to which had previously rented office premises in his property in Tanzania and of which he had been appointed as a co-trustee. The interrogations were carried out in English with the help of an Arabic language interpreter. He denied involvement in any terroristrelated activities. 7. Concerning the conditions of his detention, the Complainant states that he was first briefly kept in a small old dirty and unfurnished room, and then transferred to a bigger and cleaner room which only had an old sponge mattress, a toilet, a tap, and a plastic basin. After a few days he was provided with a pillow and a sheet. He was never allowed a change of clothes for the entire two weeks. High up the walls of the room were two small windows which opened to the outside. Another window was on the iron door. During the night, there were a lot of mosquitoes which prevented him from sleeping. From this cell, he could hear motor vehicles passing by, the call to prayer, and children playing, all which gave him the impression that he was in a residential area. 8. The Complainant states that at the end of the two weeks, he was once more bound, blindfolded, and driven from the secret detention facility to an airport ‘by local personnel’. He further alleges that at the airport, he was pulled from the car, lifted off the ground and his blindfold was ripped off. He saw about five individuals clad in black with their faces concealed with balaclavas. The men tore off his clothing, shoved a finger into his rectum, photographed him naked, diapered him, and dressed him in a short sleeved shirt and a pair of trousers. Further, they plugged his ears with cotton, placed headphones and a hood over his head, tightly taped around his head, while his hands, waist, and feet were chained. He was then put on a waiting plane and flown out in turn to three detention facilities allegedly operated by the United States of America, two of which were in Afghanistan. 9. He states that in the subsequent secret detention facilities, he was still never allowed contact with the outside world including his own family and friends, organisations, and legal counsel. In addition he was subjected to continued isolate 2

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