REPRESENTATION C. 0. Ejezie Esq. for the plaintiff Counsellor M. Williams Wright, Solicitor-General, Republic of Liberia, with Counsellors Emmanuel B. James, Rose Marie B. James and A. Kanie Wesso for the defendant. JUDGMENT OF THE COURT SUMMARY OF THE FACTS 1. The plaintiff herein is a national of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The defendant is a member state of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The brief facts of this case are as follows. On or about 9th September 2006, the plaintiff arrived in Monrovia, the capital city of the Republic of Liberia, aboard a flight from· the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He had on his person the sum of. US$508,200.00 which was seized by the authorities of defendant because the plaintiff had not declared it as required by the laws of the country. 2. Subsequently, by an order dated 30th November 2006, the Circuit Court in Liberia formally confiscated the money. But the court's record is clear that the order was sought for and granted without reference to the plaintiff herein. The proceedings before this court further shows that the matter did not end with the court order. It is clear investigations continued into the source of the money, the purpose for which it was brought into the country as well as the ownership thereof. The receipt from the Central Bank of Liberia dated 11th September 2006 confirms this. These investigations continued from 2006 through 2009 as confirmed by correspondence dated 10th December 2008 (Annexure B) 27th December 2008 (Annexure C) both of which form part of plaintiff's pleadings in this case. By a letter dated 23rd January 2009, the defendant's Minister of Justice and Attorney-General wrote a letter to the Central Bank of Liberia confirming that investigations into the confiscated amount had been concluded and it was in 2

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