UNION AFRICAINE AFRICAN UNION � YI UNIAO AFRJCANA �6..,�I A f ri can Commissiot1 on Human & Peoples · Rights 31 &j1lo Annex Layout, � Kombo North Distn'ct, Commission Atncame des Drots de /'Homme & des Peuples Western Region,P. 0. Box 673, Tel: (220) 441050514410506; Fax: (220) 4410504 E-mail: au-baniu'""'a6.:-- ··nion.-- · Web www.achtv.orQ Communication 658/17 Shereen Said Hamd Bakhet v Arab Republic of Egypt Adopted by tJu, African Commlaalon on Human and Peoples' llights dwlng tJu, 63'"-0rdinary Session.from 24 October to 13 November 2018 BtD!fu]. Tl,e Gambia Commissioner Soyala Maiga Chairpenon of the Aftican Commission on Human and Peoples' Righls Banjul, TheGambia

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