Communication 615/16 - Medhat Mohammed Bahieddin Ahmed (represented by the Organization of European Alliance for Human Rights and Ors) v Arab Republic of Egypt Summary of the Complaint 1. The Secretariat of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (the Secretariat) received a Complaint on 31 March 2016 on behalf of Mr. Medhat Mohammed Bahieddin Ahmed (the Victim), fro’ opean Alliance and others (the Complainants). Ds 3. 4. orced disappearances, torture omen and children’s rights ed 5. 6. 7. human rights violations were and falsification of allegations pressurize them to discontinue “ Authorities deprived people of their ing especially that of university lecturers stormed the house of the Victim, an Egyptian national, born in 1972, who is an English teacher. dyey allegedly broke all the household furniture and kidnapped him. The Complainants allege that the Victim was in hiding from 07 February 2016 until 14 February 2016 and no one knew about his whereabouts. It avers that the Victim’s family made efforts to look for him and did not find him until the security forces presented him to them in a hyped state. Thereafter, investigations were initiated and the Victim did not have access to a lawyer. On 24 February The Republic of Egypt ratified the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on 20 March, 1984 ———~ Lg ON HUM, A je" SECRETAR > S (lo *

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