Decision of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights on Strike out Communication 637/16 and 639/16- Mr. Mohammed Abdel Hay Faramawy and 2 Ors (Represented by Dr. Abdel Hay Faramawy and 4 Ors) v The Arab Republic of Egypt Summary of the Complaint: 1. The Secretariat of the African Commission oa Buman and Peoples' Rights (the Secretariat) received 2016 Dr. from two Complaints Abdel Hay on 26 Faramawy; September 2016 Mr. Farooq European Alliance for Human Rights (AED); Mostafa Abde October Mohammed; the N Organisation, and Prof. Mostafa Metwaly (the Complainantp) on b Ralf of Faramawy (First Victim), Mr. Kamel and 10 r. Mo ay Far a ed Abdel Hay awy (Secon Victim) and Mr Amed farooq Kamel Mohammed (Thiri �ictim). 2. The Complaints are submitted against the Arab Republic of Egypt (the Respondent State) a State Party to the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights (the African Chart r)}Jlaving ratified the same on 20 March 1984. 3. The Complainants allege that on 7 March 2013, a military coup took place in Egypt which violated all human ri the Egyptian people who hts and still continues to eliminate a sector of oppos the coup; that the Coup leaders have discriminated against and eliminated a sector of the indigenous people; and have committed crimes of enforced disappearances, torture of prisoners and detainees as well as the arrest, detention and persecution of lawyers defending the victims. 4. The Com:r,1ainants fur-th� allege that the truth was twisted through the use of politici zed judges, and the victims of these alleged acts were denied their right to defence due to the arrest and falsification of allegations against lawyers who represent the victims in order to pressurize them to discontinue their relevant legal services. 5. 1

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