This communication was attached to communications no. 17/88 and 18/88.


1. The communication, No. 16/88, submitted by ”Comité culturel pour la démocratie au Bénin”, alleges serious violations of various articles of the African Charter, committed by the Bénin Government. They refer to the detention of hundreds of citizens without charge or trial, torture, and the murder of a Mr Akpokpo.
2. The communication requests full and unconditional liberation of all political prisoners. A letter submitted by the Government on 9th May 1994 states that all political prisoners were released after the new Government’s took over in 1990.


3. Notice of hearing was sent to the parties, but only the representative of the Government of Benin appeared. The Government representative was duly given the opportunity to present his case at the end of which the Commission, after due consideration decided that the present government of Benin has satisfactorily resolved the issue of violations of human rights under the previous administration. This decision was communicated to the authors the communication. In the absence of a response, the Commission confirms that the issue had been satisfactorily resolved.